How It Works

It’s easy. Lead Research Experts is an extension of your sales and lead generation team. We provide turnkey research solutions including key decision-makers, email addresses, titles and hard to get data needed to make your lead generation and recruiting programs a success.

We are not a traditional list broker. Leveraging our suite of Internet research tools, computer platform and team of experienced Internet research experts, we uncover the most difficult target business and contact data for our clients at an affordable price.

Getting Started

  • The Lead Research Experts team will schedule a one-on-one project definition session so we can completely understand your goals. One of the key questions is whether you have your own list or are we creating a list for you.

Define Your Target Market

  • If you don’t have a target list – We can create one for you as a first step. Many projects start with a targeted online directory, an association website,  social media site or online industry publication. Our team can review, edit and organize online targets into a structured electronic database (usually an Excel spreadsheet).
  • House list or target list – Most clients provide a house list or a rented list from a broker or subscription service. Our clients look to Lead Research Experts to append new data to improve outbound marketing results. Typically, we source email addresses, key decision-makers, contacts on social media and website pages.

Define Key Contacts in Your Market

  • If you have the names of key contacts, we’ll find their titles and email addresses.
  • If you don’t have specific names, we’ll define the key decision-maker by keyword title, seniority level and locations of your target contacts. As an example, we may want to reach out to the CEO or president or your target company.  Or you could be targeting buyers, procurement managers, product engineers or HR executives.

Project Price

We will establish a fixed fee project price and estimated time to deliver your list. Your project investment is dependent on the number of contacts researched by our team, not the actual number of contacts found. As an example, we may research 1,000 contacts at 250 companies. The price is based on 1,000 contacts.

Test Sampling

Optionally, we can run a test on 5 companies and targeted decision-makers to assess the yield results and make adjustments before the project begins. A test confirms the type of output expected. As an example, we may test the keywords to find the decision-makers, compare the contacts found with a client’s current database or run a campaign test with the data.

Turn around

The typical project turnaround is 5 days. A project with 1,000 contacts researched takes around 10 business days.


Every project has different results depending on the industry, the decision-makers researched and the availability of public Internet data we are researching and organizing. A typical result is to find more than 70% of the targeted contacts email addresses.


Research data is securely delivered in Excel or CSV format at our clients request.