Q.   How much does a research project cost?

A. Each project is priced separately. Our goal is to cost much less than alternatives, i.e. online database lists or internal staff searching the Internet. In addition, we provide the most valuable data other options don’t –  email addresses and organizational contacts by function.

Q.   How long do research projects take?

A. Most projects involve researching 500 or more contacts.  A typical project of that size is completed within five business days.

Q.  How are you different from D&B’s Selectory, Hoovers, InfoUSA and other list subscription services?

A. Our data is captured real time from the Internet and then organized by our research analysts specifically for our client’s needs. We find contact and company data that is typically ignored by subscription services. Subscription lists are typically rented to the a client for a one year period.

Q. What is the minimum size project?

A. Typically our projects begin with research targeted at a minimum of 250 contacts. This may involve one contact per company or five per company.

Q. What is the ROI on using Lead Research Experts?

A. Clients tell us that we are about 50% of the internal cost of doing research on their own – PLUS we find contact and company data that is beyond their reach with standard Internet search methods. We put structure around the process and keep producers away from the tedium of Internet research.

Q. Does the Lead Research Experts team find lists for me?

A. Our clients usually have a website, directory or social media site in mind before a project starts. We can assist in pointing out the advantages or disadvantages of online list rental services. Occasionally, we use a client log-in to conduct advanced searches and filter data before our work begins.