Lead Research Experts has its roots as an internal market and lead research department created to support a rapidly expanding online B2B marketing brand. While developing targeted contacts, we became frustrated by the lack of target data and contacts provided by traditional list brokers and online business information providers.

Problems included:

  • Contact information was out of date
  • Key information was missing
  • It was time intensive to compile actionable lists
  • Small companies were not profiled
  • Executive level contacts were not there

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

Finally, we decided we were better off building our own lead research team confident we’d get substantially better results. We wanted a solution that could leverage the Internet and the enormous amount of data on websites, social media sites, associations and online directories.

  • We then evaluated the best of breed research and Internet search tools
  • Hired a talented U.S. based staff with backgrounds in math, marketing, data analysis and Internet research
  • Trained them on our sophisticated tools and became experts in sourcing lead and contact marketing data.

Soon CEOs, business development executives and lead generation organizations started asking if they could tap our staff for their needs – they weren’t interested in the expense and training commitment to do this on their own. They wanted leads delivered as an outsourced service.

And that is the genesis of Lead Research Experts.

Its our goal to:

  • Provide our clients with a valuable service at an affordable price
  • Uncover contact and company data not readily available
  • Save our clients a significant amount of money over their current program